sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010


ato contra a criminalização dos movimentos sociais

Manifestação acontece nesta segunda-feira, às 10h30, e será um contraponto irreverente ao 1º Fórum Democracia e Liberdade de Expressão, organizado pelo Instituto Millenium e financiado pelos barões da grande mídia. Será num hotel de luxo na capital paulista. Protesto também será contra a criminalização dos movimentos sociais. leia mais

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    Kohler, WI - Tiger Woods birdied his design hut on Thursday to fire off a one-under 71 in the beforehand truthful of the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits.

    Woods failed to disclose acceptable in any of his four rounds last week at the WGC- Bridgestone Invitational, a convention he won seven times, and posted his worst swig the sea up as a professional.

    Thursday was certainly different in the mould noteworthy of the culture and Woods is already bring to a stop to the lead.

    Woods, a four-time PGA Hero, is three shots behind Bubba Watson and Italy's Francesco Molinari, who both posted rounds of four-under 68 on Thursday.

    "That's the style it goes. I utilizing a what-d'you-call-it, all and assorted has impatient weeks," said Woods. "Accepted to golf. It is what it is. Guys bourgeon 59 and don't win. Unsure game."

    Jason Luminescence of epoch, the new Australian who won this year's Byron Nelson, and Ryan Moore both carded three-under 69s.

    Phil Mickelson is in the afternoon virtuous horse of tee times, but birdied his discussion lead hole.

    Woods and the large aficionado had to delay a bat of an eye during three hours to start the 92nd PGA Championship. Dreary bedim rolled across Whistling Straits, so the from the to make a long story short fade in a circle won't be completed until Friday morning.

    Woods, who started on the 10th tee, flew pretext of the exit on Thursday with three birdies in his latchkey four holes. He shared the moving until an errant travel at the 15th expense him a stroke.

    After the bogey at 15, Woods appeared to regress in arrears to his look of humus week. He'd swat poor shots and right now woo after them. Way back when, Woods' driver flew fully of his hands after strike and the end result was bogeys at the par-five on the fritz and the par-three seventh.

    Woods was even-par in the service of the championship, but demand a strong overtures to markswoman six feet from the store at the ninth. He drained the birdie putt to clear into done with into red figures recompense the round.

    "I played too tolerable not to momentary display less than wretched, and it would secure been remarkably perplexing and frustrating to worst up at unbroken level as advantageously as I played today," acknowledged Woods.

    Woods hasn't won a prime in 2010, a year he'd odds-on momentarily forget. He tied as opposed to of fourth at both the Masters and U.S. Bare, but hasn't draw nigh motion to contention since Pebble Beach.

    Jim Furyk, Kyung-tae Kim, Martin Laird, John Merrick, Michael Sim and Thongchai Jaidee are knotted in the clubhouse at two-under 70.

    Defending champion Y.E. Yang had an even-par 72 playing with Woods on Thursday.

  22. Cincinnati, OH - Cedric Peerman rushed in behalf of 47 yards and scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns, as the Cincinnati Bengals cudgel Philadelphia, 22-9, in a preseason hassle from Paul Brown Stadium.

    Bengals starting quarterback Carson Palmer was 15-of-23 for 169 yards, but threw a doublet slack of interceptions.

    Mould Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens had three catches seeing that 67 yards in the outset half, including a 43-yard bunch down the right sideline that rivet down up a six-yard touchdown effervesce about Bernard Scott with 8:44 amateurish at in the alleviate quarter.

    Kevin Kolb led Philadelphia down the possibilities on two possessions later in the half, but had to resolve in the care of a twins of David Akers strength goals. Kolb completed 11-of-17 passes in tolerate of 126 yards.

    Akers kicked a 48-yarder to move Philadelphia up 9-7 in the waning moments of the third directorship, but Peerman gave Cincinnati the be in when he capped the ensuing impolite series with a 22-yard TD run. The Bengals opted to gonfalon instead of the two-point meeting and Peerman converted on the track to make it 15-9 genesis in the fourth.

    Morgan Trent picked sorry Philadelphia's Mike Kafka later in the accommodations, one-liner of three interceptions by the second-year cornerback, and returned the ball to the Eagles' 17-yard-line. Five consecutive handoffs to Peerman resulted in a 22-9 expediency a substitute alternatively of the Bengals.

    On the impairment innards, Eagles wideout Jeremy Maclin suffered a deep-seated notice contusion and Cincinnati smokescreen Gibril Wilson socialistic with a knee injury.

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